Bamboo Pot Brush


Say no to plastic cleaning products with this sustainable pot scrubber made from plant fibres!

This solid scrubbing pot brush tackles cleaning up like a dream. Made of high density natural sisal bristles, this brush head is great for scrubbing out stains from pots, pans, plates and even cast iron skillets without any harsh scratches. 


We have 2 variants for this biodegradable brush.

Cream Bristles: Perfect for cleaning soft things like vegetables, fruits and dishes with its medium-stiff sisal bristles

Sisal + Palmyra Fibre Bristles: This brush is made for heavy duty cleaning of surfaces, greasy pots and even floors. 


Directions for use

1. Wet the dish soap* and brush 

2. Rub the brush onto the dish soap in circles to create some soapy lather

To completely wash out the leftover grease, finish up the cleaning with our Hemp Kitchen sponge instead!

*We recommend for this to be used with our Marseille Soap Cube

Care Instructions

Our brushes are made with 100% natural bamboo. Cleaning it in tap water is good enough, with regular sun-drying. Avoid leaving this standing in water. 

Wood oxidation in the form of dark spots or discoloration is a natural process caused by exposure to water and humidity, and shouldn’t be confused with mold or mildew. These natural signs of ageing do not affect the performance of your brush. To extend the life of your brush handle, remember to air dry after use and occasionally apply a layer of natural wax or extra virgin olive oil. Bamboo will naturally split and crack over time.

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