Singapore's first Vegan Beauty Kitchen and Refillery

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Cleanse without nasties

Gently cleansing your skin with our range of artisanal handmade soaps and clay masks, harvested sustainably from nature. 

Hydrate using natural powers

Feeding your skin with a good dose of vitamins and antioxidants with our wide range of facial serums and moisturising mists, lovingly blended in-house. Formulated without any chemicals or alcohol. 


Boost your beauty regime with our specially curated beauty and aromatherapy tools, and enjoy the luxury of a spa right in your own home. 


Come discover our collection of articles on all matters pertaining to natural beauty, and the careful selection of plant actives that are used in our crafted creations. 

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We are committed

100% natural skincare

Free from parabens, sulfates and 400 other synthetic substances. Cruelty-free.

High quality ingredients

Carefully sourced from artisanal producers from all over the world.

Small batch production

Handcrafted to ensure freshness and quality of experience.

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