Mask Brush + Cotton Towel

Complete your mask therapy with our very own oasis:skin Mask Brush, ceramic spoon and Cotton Face Towel.

Our Mask Brush (Choice of Mint Green or White)

Our brush is made from premium silicon and perfect for a mess (and hands!) - free mixing and application of the clay mask directly onto your face. Lightweight yet durable, the brush is flexible enough to bend in either direction to suit your face contours. Easy maintenance with just water to wash it clean and you are good to go! 

It can also double up as a nifty make up tool to help blend your liquid or powdered foundation smoothly onto your face for a flawless finish. 

Cotton Face Towel (Choice of Mint Green or White)

- 6 layers of 100% cotton gauze

- Soft enough even for use on babies

- Absorbent

- Can be used as a light exfoliating cloth to remove the clay mask from your face

Ceramic Spoon

This spoon helps to measure precisely the dosage we recommend for all our masks. This is helpful for clay mask beginners who can use this spoon as a guide to measure out the perfect ratio of clay to liquid.