Where are your products made?

Most of our products are made in-house in Singapore, and we curate unique products from artisans from time to time.

We work with selected artisanal producers who systematically perform microbiological testing on all batches of their extraction to ensure its purity and effectiveness. Traceability is important when we want to deliver a quality product to you. 95% of our ingredients are sourced directly from France, which has very strict laws guiding skincare-related companies. 


Can I use this product if my skin is very sensitive?

Our ingredients are delicate by nature and very gentle to the skin. They are suitable for all skins, even for babies. However, do conduct a patch test prior to using the products. We all develop new allergies throughout different stages of our lives so it is useful to check the suitability of any new product we introduce to our skin care regime.


What is the shelf-life of an oasis:skin product?

It varies from 6 months (face mist) to 3 years (soaps). The goodness of an all-natural product also means that it is extremely delicate to the natural environment. Think exposed fruit juice on your table for months. Hence, we use an all-natural preservative in our face mists to protect against microbial activities, mould and fungi. To prolong the shelf life of any product, we advise for you to store it in the fridge.

We also conscientiously use opaque containers for all our products to protect the contents from oxidation. 


What preservative do you use? 

We use a probiotic-based mixture in our face mists that provides full spectrum protection in our products to guard against bacteria, mould and fungi. Using modern fermentation and bio-processing technology, a novel antimicrobial peptide is extracted from leuconostoc kimchii – responsible for the preservation of the Korean kimchi. 

Besides protecting the ingredients in the bottle, the living probiotic nutrients will also be able to penetrate deep into the dermal layers of your skin and keep your face looking supple, alive and absolutely glowing.


Why is the scent of the mist so different from other brands?

Our mists contain 100% pure and organic floral waters extracted from steam distillation and cold-pressing of the plant or flower, and hence the aroma is reflecting THE REAL THING! It differs from other brands out there in the market because a lot of them use artificial fragrances to make the scent stronger and last longer. However, it is not natural and can potentially cause sensitivity to the skin.


Do you have a shop where I can try your products?

We are purely online but we do pop ups every other month. Please follow our instagram page (@oasisskin) for updates!


Do you hold workshops?

Yes we do and we are happy to customise to your preference and group size! We also collaborate with other brands from time to time in organising free workshops to the public. Drop us an email at contact@oasis-skin.com to find out more. 


How can I protect my face mist?

Store in a dark, dry location. If possible, store it in the fridge to protect the natural ingredients in the bottle. 


Why are your clay masks in powder form?

We offer our clay masks in its natural state to avoid the need to use harmful chemicals to preserve the products. Longer shelf life is also another big plus. But we do advise for you to keep your oasis mask in the fridge to maintain its freshness. 


How much are the shipping charges?

Shipping within Singapore is free above a minimum order of $50. All other orders are based on weight and shipped within 5-7 days. We also ship internationally.


Do you do custom orders for a special occasion?

Yes we do! We would love to customise your order to suit the occasion. Please drop us an email at contact@oasis-skin.com or give us a shout out on our instagram page. However, do help us out with a minimum order of 6 items so that we can really dedicate the time for your special requests.