Basic Selfcare Kit


Basic Selfcare Kit

Everyone needs a little pampering sometimes, and this basic kit contains some natural goodness to help you relax.

This kit comes with:

1 Organic Aleppo Soap with 40% Laurel Berry Oil concentration

1 Hemp Soap Bag

1 Organic Pure Series Face Mist 50ml

1 Cotton Face Towel


The Aleppo soap is moisturising to the skin, and gentle enough to be used on the face and body. Pop it into the Hemp Soap Bag and use it directly on your body for daily exfoliation. Your skin will feel so smooth after! 

Choose from a range of Pure Series Face Mists to keep your skin soft and hydrated while on the go.  Each mist contains organic botanical juices extracted wholly from its featured plant, and is rich in antioxidants and nutrients. 

Selfcare is key to a balanced wellbeing. Invest in yourself ❤️