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Limited Edition Tea Series - Solid Haircare
Limited Edition Tea Series - Solid Haircare
Limited Edition Tea Series - Solid Haircare

Limited Edition Tea Series - Solid Haircare

**Limited Edition series created for the Singapore Tea Festival

We have teamed up with TeaPasar to create this special blend of solid haircare made with freshly brewed tea! Available in travel size (10-25 washes) or regular (40-70 washes). 


Yuzu Matcha Solid Shampoo: Hair Growth and Shine

Matcha Green Tea has long been touted as one of the healthiest tea around for its richness of antioxidants, enzymes and vitamins. Thanks to its delicate growing and processing methods, matcha tea leaves are rich in Vitamin B (panthenol) that strengthens hair follicles, and polyphenols which boost shine and softness of hair. This shampoo also contains French Kaolin Clays and Organic Japanese Yuzu Essential Oil to cleanse the scalp and inject hair follicles with a huge Vitamin C boost! 

The premium matcha powder that we have used in our shampoos is in partnership with Matchaya and TeaPasar. The area of cultivation of the matcha is from 4th generation Tea Farmers located in Uji, the southeastern border of Kyoto Japan. 


Rose & Thyme Solid Shampoo: Antibacterial Dandruff Control

This shampoo is a blend of floral and herbal ingredients, featuring Roses, Organic Thyme oil and Jasmine tea leaves. Roses are not just beautiful to look at, but are actually great for skin and scalps! Its petals naturally condition and moisturise scalps, enriching it with flavonoids and Vitamins A, B3, C, D and E. In short, it is a buffet of vitamins all housed within this delicate flower. Roses contain natural sugars that also aid in reducing redness in scalps. Thyme oil on the other hand, is highly antiseptic and helps to cure dandruff when used as a daily rinse. 

The jasmine leaves used in our shampoo is a fragrant blend of Maofeng Green Tea layered with freshly harvested Jasmine blossoms from Hengxian. The teas are sourced by TeaPasar directly from the tea plantation. 


Pine Hojicha Solid Shampoo: Vitamin C Booster

If you fancy a roasted umami and nutty flavour to your shampoo, you will like this tea cake made with finely milled Hojicha powder. Roasted in a pot over charcoal, this green tea is rich in antioxidants such as Vitamin C and E to stimulate the scalp and provide a collagen boost! This shampoo also contains French clays and organic Shikakai, an Ayurvedic herbal powerhouse rich in antibacterial and anti-fungal properties to cleanse your hair right from its roots! 

The premium Hojicha powder that we have used in our shampoos is in partnership with Matchaya. The area of cultivation is from 4th generation Tea Farmers located in Uji, the southeastern border of Kyoto, Japan. 


Blue Pea Lemongrass Solid Shampoo: Preventive Hair Loss Therapy

Blue Pea flowers are rich in bioflavonoids that not only fights free radicals that damage the scalp, but also reduces the premature greying and balding of hair. A key ingredient known as Anthocyanin present in these indigo flowers has been proven to increase blood flow to the scalp and strengthen hair follicles. This tea shampoo cake also contains oil-absorbing organic Arrowroot powder, and calming Organic Lemongrass oil to release any anxiety you might have throughout your day - to just relax completely in your shower. 

This comes paired with a Blue Pea Lemongrass Solid Conditioner enriched with Organic Coconut milk and Mango Butter to leave your hair silky and soft after shampooing.

 The organic blue pea flowers are directly sourced from a local gardener.


Japanese Soybean Solid Conditioner: After-Shampoo Protein Therapy 

Replenish moisture and unravel hair tangles with this solid conditioner made with a deep conditioning protein blend of Japanese roasted soybean, organic Arrowroot powder and nourishing Organic Mango Butter. Milk obtained from soybeans is a rich source of protein that helps to prevent hair breakage. 

The soybean powder, also known as Kinako, is in partnership with Matchaya and sourced directly from Tokyo.